NomadWolf. We bring meaning to virtual races

NomadWolf is an online platform that allows users to compete in virtual running events and receive rewards for their efforts.

Virtual races have been part of the running community for many years now, and have developed a very negative reputation. Our aim is to become the leading virtual race platform, which will revolutionize this stigma and create a world where both virtual and physical races can co-exist in harmony.

Our platform is intended to reward runners for their training and also for competing in virtuals races within the NomadWolf platform.

Get rewarded for your training and competing in NomadWolf events

Everytime you sync a run into your NomadWolf profile, you will be rewarded with NomadWolf points. These can be exchanged for limited NomadWolf merchandise, prizes and discounts for NomadWolf affiliated products.

Join our global leaderboard

See how you fair against all our other runners around the world. For every race/challenge that you complete, there are also prizes to be won if you can beat the best.

Complete unique races/challenges unlike any other virtual events in the world

At NomadWolf we make it our priority to offer the very best virtual events. Setting the standard for virtual events around the globe.

Gain XP points and show your dominance in the community

XP points are given for every run you complete. These XP points are used to level up your NomadWolf avatar and show your dominance in the NomadWolf community. Become the very best and you can stand a chance of dominating NomadWolf globally or even become the top Wolf for your country and represent your country for the NomadWolf community.