NWP 8: Still the Foundational Way to Grow Tribe



On this episode, we have event builder and intuitive business coach, Kristyn Caetano. Kristyn is a travel hacker, business coach, program designer and event builder, from Elixify Your Life. Kristyn’s mission is to help entrepreneurs from all over the world design positively impacting businesses and get them to profitability as well.

Many people think that email lists are a thing of the past, but Kristyn begs to differ and explains why emailing lists are so powerful. Email lists are vital in that it is yours alone. Other platforms like Facebook can change at any time, and you can run the risk of losing control, but email lists are yours to keep and do with it as you wish.

Kristyn lays out the different strategies you can do to grow your mailing lists, specifically for people who are still starting out. And expresses the importance of nurturing your “true fans”. These are your tribe of people who engage, share, buy and follow your content consistently. They are people who can really help your business grow. After all, quality is better than quantity.

In the next couple of weeks, Kristyn’s full episode on NomadWolf will be released, so tune in to learn more about her story and how she eventually left her job to become a business coach.


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • What Kristyn Caetano does as an event builder and intuitive business coach

  • Why there is still a need to grow, maintain and keep your email lists

  • The steps you need to do to grow and eventually blow up your email lists

  • Why having “true fans” are important and why you should take care of them