NWP 7: The One Thing Needed in Marketing, No Matter the Budget



On this episode, we welcome remote digital marketer, Stephanie Conway. Stephanie was originally from the UK before she moved to LA to deepen her marketing prowess, and it was in LA where she got to work with big brands like Samsung and Audi. Recently featured on Forbes, she now works remotely in Lombok, Indonesia where she operates her marketing company, Symphony VA.

As a digital marketing specialist, Stephanie admits that the most impactful marketing strategies she has ever executed were the ones with the smallest budget because she had to work harder. She then relates her experience wherein she helped launch a clothing brand with zero budget and all the items were sold on Shopify. The experience was impactful for her because she had to figure out how to get the company off the ground and make it happen, with little to no monetary support.

Stephanie states that establishing authentic relationships with people is vital and is really one-half of the game. This relates not just in marketing but in any kind of business. Real organic connections with people enable companies to have repeat businesses and to have loyal followers.

One key tip Stephanie has to get things off the ground is authenticity. She emphasizes that a lot of people overthink marketing and copying other people, but remembering to be authentic is more valuable because people can see through facades. She declares that you should be true to your brand message, stay true to what drives it, and what makes your business unique.

Stephanie’s full episode on NomadWolf will be released in a month, so tune in for more of her journey as a thriving digital nomad!


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • The most impactful strategies Stephanie has executed and why

  • Why establishing authentic connections are the most vital thing to do in marketing and business

  • How being authentic and unique is one of the most important things to do when building connections