NWP 6: Secrets to Cut Through Noise & Outdo Competitors



On this episode, we interview two digital business and mindset coaches, Alecia and Troy. They are a nomad couple with humble beginnings in Canada currently helping their clients drive business results and overcome their personal blocks. The couple is now currently in Malaysia.

Diving into the topic, Alecia provides a mindset on how you can “cut through the noise”, and the importance of staying true to yourself and your business. She drives down that it is vital to keep your eyes forward and focus on your goal. It’s a common mistake to constantly look left and right, and to continually focus and worry about the competition.

Troy also adds that there are many people in the world, so it is more important to make sure you deliver quality results. He confesses that as a coach, you can only handle 10 people at a time, one-on-one. It’s better to realize that finding a handful of people that will match the quality you bring is better than bringing nothing of value to the table.

Alecia also imparts that one strategy you can use to get your message out there is by rolling out different types of content. Putting out different content, taking in different experiences and turning it into a teaching can help reach different kinds of clients. Troy then adds that it is also vital to keep putting out content consistently, on podcasts, joint-trainings, on Instagram or Facebook groups.

Troy advises that when starting out, you don’t necessarily need to niche down and that getting a website is not something you need at that very moment. It can be a bonus, but it’s not a necessity. Alecia agrees that there are other skills you can develop first before putting out a website, such as delivery skills, sales skills, writing skills. She adds that websites are not the end-all, be-all.

For more nuggets of wisdom and insights from Troy and Alecia, tune in to their full episode on NomadWolf coming in the next couple weeks!


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How to “cut through the noise” when starting a new business

  • The importance of keeping your eyes on the goal and providing quality service

  • Why consistent valuable content is the key to reaching out and engaging with new people

  • Why niching down is not always for everyone and what the benefits are of keeping your content and service wide in the beginning

  • Why building a website shouldn’t be your entire focus, and why developing skills should be instead