NWP 4: The Dreamy Business of Destination Retreats



In this episode of NomadWolf, we interview Linda Beach, a brilliant destination retreat builder that has created a big business out of combining different passions together.

As a destination retreat builder, Linda provides retreats that combine travelling, coaching, sight-seeing, and pampering into one amazing learning experience. She explains the growing trend of “bleisure” within the travel industry, and she also provides us with three major benefits to adding destination retreats to your business. Some of these benefits include how it can help you grow your following and your tribe, how it can help you elevate your status as an expert, and how it can add significant income to your bottom line.

If you are looking into doing retreats, Linda also imparts to us one useful tip on where to begin, and it usually begins with growing with your Know, Like and Trust. She also emphasizes why visualization and “going big” is important for starting retreats.

Finally, Linda kindly includes a big freebie for all you listeners. Simply visit the website freedomlifestyleroadmap.com and grab a free copy of Linda’s step-by-step guide to creating a lifestyle that allows more time, money and freedom.

For more of Linda’s story, her work as a destination retreat builder and where to begin with destination retreats, tune in to the full episode coming to NomadWolf in the next couple of weeks!


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • What Linda Beach does as a destination retreat builder

  • The concept of bleisure

  • The three major benefits to adding retreats to your business

  • The first things to do when you want to start destination retreats

  • Linda’s step-by-step process to creating a lifestyle of time, freedom and money