NWP 3: How to ‘Design Sprint’ Your Way Out!



On this episode of NomadWolf, reporting all the way from Lisbon Portugal, we have Katia Suchkova.

Katia is a product manager who leads with a philosophy of ‘Design Thinking’, where she leads various organizations and startups. She effectively does this through ‘Design Sprints’ that help develop and refine their competitive advantage.

Katia’s philosophy doesn’t only apply to the work place but also when it comes to life as well. In doing so, she is able to access freedom, absorb and enjoy different cultures and still product manage for her clients, from anywhere in the world.

On this episode of Coffee Talks, Katia imparts the growing trend within organizations and startups called Design Sprints, which gives a structured way of creative thinking and problem-solving. She shares what its basic foundation is and how it begins from a standpoint of empathy. And how critical it is to start with ”the end in mind”. She dives into why this philosophy is highly efficient and why it’s a great way to validate whether an idea is ready to be taken out into the world, or if something needs to be refined further.

If you want to hear more from Katia and hear her story, tune in to NomadWolf in the next couple of weeks, where she joins us for a full episode!


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • The philosophy of Design Thinking

  • The application of Design Sprints within organizations and startups for creative thinking and problem-solving

  • How it is possible to apply Designed Thinking in order to live a life of freedom and still do what you love