NWP 2: 3 Rules & 3 CRO Benefits to Grow Your Online Business



On this episode of NomadWolf, we pick the mind of e-commerce revenue optimizer, Joseph Liu.

Joe was a CrossFit instructor at a gym called Training Ground in Bangkok, but he is now working remotely in Sydney Australia, for a renown e-commerce marketing agency called BGS, or Build, Grow, Scale. He specifically works with e-commerce clients by helping them optimize their revenue by improving their conversion rate.

The main reason I wanted to bring Joe on the show is because he is the purest example to having a particular vision and just jumping head first into opportunities which eventually led to his remote position.

As an e-commerce optimizing expert, Joe shares to us all the necessary things an online business needs to do to affect revenue and increase profitability. Here, he defines the three ways you can grow a business, whether or not it’s an online-based. He also imparts more nuggets of wisdom on CRO, or the retention of customers and it’s three major benefits.

In the next couple of weeks, Joe will feature in a full episode and you can learn more eye-opening secrets from him, learn more about his life beyond how he likes his coffee and what he does, so tune in!


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How to optimize revenue and increase profitability in e-commerce

  • The three fundamental ways to grow a business

  • The three benefits of customer retention or CRO