NWP 1: A 3-Day HACK to Grow Your Authority & Build Your Business



On the first episode of NomadWolf, we have a quick interview with international speaker and renowned virtual summit expert, Eric Yang and what he does as someone who constructs virtual summit events. Eric is a published author, speaker and hyper connector.

As an international virtual summit expert, Eric constructs virtual summits that help unlock learnings from leading industry experts from various business verticals, such as blockchain, AirBnb, real estate, web design, etc.

Since the virtual summit trend took off in 2018, Eric has already had about 3 years and a half years experience in the industry.

Finally, Eric shares the details of what a virtual summit actually is, which is an online event for the purpose of building authority, credibility and trust within the industry. He also shares what having and hosting a virtual summit does, why it’s beneficial, and also why it’s a growing trend today. Tune in to more of Eric’s story and learn more about the virtual summit industry in his full episode next month!


  • In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • What virtual summits are, where it all began and why it’s so useful for businesses and industries today

  • What it takes to construct a virtual summit

  • The importance of building brand credibility, authority and trust