It’s Nomad Wolf Podcast LAUNCH DAY

Hi everyone!

I’m Glenn. One of the founders of Nomad Wolf and the host of the Nomad Wolf Podcast, that’s launching TODAY!

Over the past couple months, i’ve been connecting and getting to know some pretty awesome people who have found a way to work and live wherever their laptops allow them. This means that they were able to create and cultivate their own version of freedom, by harnessing the power of the world wide web and the platforms at our disposal.

I know this is not the first or last digital nomad podcast, but I can say that we are striving to be the most practical. We are also very much guided by caffeine (namely coffee) to explore more about our abilities and what’s beyond our front door.

Below are my launch day guests! All of them are lovely people and full of wisdom. I hope you find something valuable in their mini-episodes.

Thanks for taking the time!